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Before the internet became the biggest sensation all over the world

Before the internet became the biggest sensation all over the world, the telephone listing industry was the only way to find a person that you were looking for. Phone books were used daily to find a friends phone number, a family members phone number, the number to a restaurant or business, and so much more. Once the internet hit in full swing, individuals started searching out the people and places that they were looking to contact by simply looking them up on line. It seems like in today’s day and age, there are so many things that are being replaced as the popularity of the internet grows even more every single day. The telephone had started out as a means of communications, and then as it grew larger, voicemail was then introduced and businesses were able to leave each other messages when they were too busy to answer the phone. After the introduction of the voicemail, the next means of communication was developed on the internet with emails. This was a way for individuals to contact each other through a written message and sent to their inbox. After the internet sensation really started to take off, the development of information grew very large. Instead of individuals looking through a phone book for numbers, it was much easier and more convenient to pull up the information online than it was to thumb through a book. Now that the internet has been developed to the extreme, you are able to find any type of information that you need.
The internet has become so advanced, that whenever you are trying to find a person online, it will bring up more than just their name and number. Each individuals information, and all of their information, can be found and pulled up right on a persons computer screen, and they will have all of the necessary information about them that they might need. In the beginning, anyone could jump onto Google’s website, type in information, and be able to pull up basic searches on individuals. Now, there have been specific websites that have been created and developed to find out even more information about an individual than just from a search engine. Whenever you type in a persons name into a search on a people search engine, you can pull up information such as their name, location, handle, and even their place of employment. There are several different ways to track down and find long lost friends, family members, and any other person that you are trying to locate. The people searches are the best places to go to find other individuals because they have been specifically designed to track down all of the necessary information that is needed to find them. The internet searches that you are able to find, is the direction that most people use because they can find out more information that just looking up a number in a phone book.
There are many people search engines available for anyone to use, however, there is a website that is increasing in its popularity and is on the verge of over taking the use of telephones as well. This website is known as Exphonebook.com, and it is able to bring forth everything needed that can over take the use of phone books to be able to find people. Whenever you visit the exphonebook.com, you will be able to pick the letter of the last name of the individual that you are looking for, find their name, and after you click on their name it will bring up their first and last name, their phone number, and their address where they live. Therefore, instead of flipping through the phone book pages trying to locate the individual, all you have to do is jump on the exphonebook website, either click or type in the name of the individual that you are trying to locate, in whichever state that they might live in, and then it will bring up all of the valuable information that is needed in finding them. It is a very easy to use website and because of that, it has captured many people’s attention because it is so fast and easy to use. This could possibly be the thing that takes over the phone book and telephone world. This website is growing quickly, and it is taking the internet by force, and with the information that it offers, it would seem that it would have every right to. It is a system that no telephone operator, or telephone book will ever be able to compare to, and it isn’t hard to see why that is.
In conclusion, we have began our telecommunications so many years ago, and since those days we have advanced in a very large and incredibly progressive way. As the years approach, and we head deeper and deeper into the future, our telecommunication systems are going to advance and there will be many different ideas that will be introduced, so our telecommunication will be able to excel from what we have available today on the internet. There are several ways that we are able to find out information that we need to look up individuals that we are wanting to find, however, using websites like the exphonebook site gives us the ability look up more information than just the phone number. You are able to find them through phone number or their address, which makes it easier to locate the specific individual that you are trying to find. With websites such as this, it will completely advance and perfect our telecommunications systems. As the future approaches, it is a good guess that there will be many other phone book and informational websites that will be developed so that there are even more ways to find people. Our telecommunication has come a very long way from just average communicating phones all the way up to internet searches, and it is certain that it more than likely isn’t going to just stop there.

The Difference Between E-Phone Books and Physical Phone Books


Technology is quite the amazing force in our modern world, and everyday more people connect to technology and the web. As a matter of fact, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate normal life without some form of technology. While technology certainly has its downfalls, it also has some pretty amazing benefits and bonuses as well. In today’s world, we’re able to make friends, buy things, sell things, earn money, create things, and advance our futures all with the device that fits in a pocket. Because of the prominence and shift to internet based services and options, many traditional services and items have taken to the internet. Everything from ordering food to buying insurance can now be done online, so it’s no great surprise that one could also find any number they would need to online. E-Phone books are essentially just online phone books, though they tout many more benefits that regular phone books do not. Below we will give some of those benefits and examine the differences between regular, paper phone books to electronic, online phone books.

Electronic Phone Books Cover More

You may have noticed that in the past few years your local phone books have gotten slimmer, and contains much less information than it used to. With the widespread use of the internet and smartphones, the need for a physical phone book has decreased, because of this, the size of regular phone books has also decreased. They now contain less information, and just include the numbers and information that most would deem necessary. Electronic phone books don’t have these restrictions, and cover an entire country’s worth of numbers and information. With an online phone book, you’re able to find the number of your second cousin who lives 3 states away easily, whereas with a physical phone book, you wouldn’t be able to. Online phone books make it so anyone could find the number or information that they need, even if they don’t live locally to the person they’re trying to call. This is a huge bonus for many, although some people may reject that sort of privacy give away. However, just as with our service, many internet phone books will remove anyone’s number if they request it to be removed. Online phone books are able to display a large amount of information easily, where physical phone books only cover a certain city or county. Because of this, it’s easier to find the number or information you need by using an online phone book.

They Have Extra Features

With our online phone book, not only are you able to find the number to someone you need or want to call, but you’re also offered a variety of different features. Some of our most notable features are: reverse phone lookup, local time, and the weather. These features allow you to find the number you need, or find the name of the person who has called you, in just a few clicks. Knowing the time of the person you plan on calling is also helpful, as it reduces the chances of rudely disturbing someone as they sleep with your phone call. Weather is also an interesting added feature we offer, allowing you to see the weather where you need to, when you need to. This gives you added information of the person you wish to call, without actually invading their privacy in anyway. Average, traditional paper phone books won’t even give you the number of someone who doesn’t live in your county, let alone their time or weather. These added features could be very helpful when choosing a time and day to call someone. All of these features are not only helpful, but useful, and easy to use as well. In just a few clicks, you’ll have all the information you need to make your phone call.

Privacy Protection

It may sound odd to some that an online phone book would actually have more privacy than a traditional phone book would. However, with our service, we respect the privacy not only of our users, but of the people whose numbers we have listed. Because we value privacy, and understand the importance of it, we will gladly remove any number that we are requested to move. Not only will the number be removed, but it will be removed instantly. With average phone books, the process is much longer to get your phone number unlisted. Because of this, online phone books, such as ours, offer more privacy than traditional phone books do.

Ease of Use

When was the last time that you opened up a physical phone book and began to search for the number of the person you wish to call? We’re guessing it’s been at least almost 10 years since you’ve even bothered to think of using a normal phone book. And let’s be honest, it was always quite the task to dig through the pages of last names attempting to find the correct number. With online phone books, it’s quick and easy to find exactly the number you need. Gone are the days of spending at least 10 minutes flipping through pages and pages of numbers. Now all you need to do is click and you’re done. It’s really that easy. We believe in making things simple, yet informative, and with our online phone book you get a user friendly design chock full of the information you need.
There are many differences between a traditional phone book and an online phone book. As the world continues to evolve and become more technically advanced, we must create services that fill the needs that used to be fulfilled with physical items and services. This is why we exist, to serve those who need a phone book, but don’t have a physical one, or are disappointed and frustrated with what a physical phone book has to offer these days. With just a few clicks and a few minutes of your time, you’ll be able to call anyone that you need to, and that is the biggest difference between an online phone book and a physical phone book.

Why We’re the Best Online Phone Book Service


Bob Dylan said it over 50 years ago, “the times they are a changin’” and those words have rung true since then and continue to as we move away from traditional life and enter into a life based around technology and modernism. While some things have stayed the same, many things have changed, and that includes how we contact other people. Even just less than 20 years ago, to speak to someone, we’d have to pick up our home phone, find the number and dial it to talk to them. Now, most of us just simply open our messenger or email and shoot them a quick typed message. There are benefits of our new way of communication, but there are also faults. As we merge towards a more technologically advanced and centered future, we often lose some of the actions which made us close as the human species, specifically, talking to one another using our voices and not our fingers. Of course, texting and other forms of quick messaging aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and there are still needs for a normal spoken telephone call as well. But for those of us who still call others using a phone, finding the numbers may not be as easy as they used to be. Phone books are now much smaller, and contain less than half the information that they used to. Because of this, traditional telephone books are quickly on their way towards becoming obsolete. That’s where we come in, we understand the need for a phone book, and we also understand that most of everything is done online these days. Combine the internet, and the need for a phone book and you get us, the best online phone book available. We know, that’s quite the lofty title for a website so relatively new, but let’s tell you why we believe we’re the best, and why you should use our service.

We Value Your Privacy
In our age of technology, privacy is a huge concern for many, and rightly so. We understand the need for privacy, and we respect that as well. Because of this, we have created a system that will remove your phone number from our listings as soon as you put in the removal request. That means there’s no waiting, it’s done automatically, and you won’t be replaced on our list either. Once you’re removed, you’re removed forever. We understand that not everyone wishes to have their number listed in any phone book, and especially not on an online phone book, and we made sure that anyone who doesn’t want to be listed could easily remove their number with no hassle. Many online phone books have lengthy processes when it comes to removing a number from their listings, and some may refuse to remove the number at all. We’re different from the others, and would never list someone that did not want to be listed.

We Have Extra Features
Many online phone books are just straight forward with no extra features or frills. We believe that extra features will help our users have the best experience using our website as possible, and because of that, we’ve implemented some pretty neat features that will improve your experience using our online phone book. Some of our notable extra features are: reverse phone number lookup, weather and local time. Our reverse phone number lookup is free, always, unlike other websites who make the user pay to use such service. We want each user to be able to get the information they need easily, without extra hoops to jump through, and because of that, our reverse phone number lookup is free for anyone who needs to use it. Our weather feature is another neat little feature that allows you to see the weather where you need to see it and when you need to. No long searches or confused weather forecasts needed. We also give each of our users the local time, allowing them to make their call at the best time possible for both the caller and the recipient. This allows you to call who you need to without fear that your call will disrupt anything important, such as sleep or a meal time. All of this added information is displayed clearly, without any searches or complicated directions to follow.

We’re Easy to Use
All we have to offer wouldn’t be any good without our website being user friendly. We understand that not everyone has the best grasp of the internet and technology, so we designed our site to be informative yet user friendly. This allows anyone to use our website and our service easily without frustration or confusion. Our website is suitable for all ages, so even your 92-year-old grandmother could look up your cousin Roy’s number without fault. We believe in making things as easy as possible for those who visit our website, and we hope that each user has a great experience.
There are many reasons why we’re the best online phone book out there right now. We may be relatively new, but we believe that our visitors are the most important. Because we want to help people get the information they need, we are striving to create the best online phone book website out there. We want everyone to easily be able to find the numbers and information that they need, when they need it. We also strive to have our website be easy for anyone to use, because what good is a website if it’s not easy to use? We also value each user’s privacy, and will never sell your information, we’ll also remove your number as soon as you request its removal. Online phone books may be a foreign concept for many, but with our service, you’ll be calling long lost friends and finding exactly what information you need in hardly any time at all. A website is only as good as those who use it, and that’s what makes us the best online phone book, our users, just like you.
Thank You for using our website.